Tuesday 2 March 2010

The Idea

My name is Adele O'Sullivan, I am 46 years old and I have primary progressive Multiple Sclerosis.
I was diagnosed eight years ago, and when I got my final diagnosis I imagined my future. I felt my life had ended, that what I would be left with wouldn't be worth living.
I had what I can only describe as a vision. I saw that I was falling down a precipice into nothing, darkness. But hands of all my friends and family, everyone I loved were there to catch me, and wouldn't let me fall. That was when I realised that all the things that I thought I couldn't do, I could. And now further into my illness, I realise that with the help of people I love, and who love me; I still can. And will.

Travelling has always been a major ambition of mine. I met my ex-husband when I was 17 and by 23 was married and went on to have my two children Sean and Emily, who I love very much. I always thought there would be time to travel. I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my children and thought that my opportunity to see the world would come once they flew the nest to live their own lives.
Unfortunately life happens, or more to the point shit happens. Unforeseeable circumstances came in the way of my ambition,until now.

One generally uneventful, lazy Tuesday evening, my daughter , her friends and I had an idea that had the potential to change my life inexplicably. Whilst gathered at my flat with a bowl loaded with Eton Mess, we sat around the computer browsing pictures of tropical paradises, and discussing all the places we wanted to go. I couldn't specifically pin-point the moment we thought of the idea but before I knew it, the girls were talking about me travelling the world and fulfilling my dream. I said how I couldn't afford to travel to all the places I wanted to all the places I wanted to go and that my disability would stop me from doing all the thingsI wanted to experience. The girls, with their youth and enthusiasm, said that they would help me conquer my fears and acomplish my ambition, and suggested we set up this blog as a way for me to document my journey and to use it as an outlet for my personal thoughts throughout the process. However the idea snowballed and became less about me, and more about promoting a cause and raising awareness for a disease that many have heard of, but may have no real idea of the reailty of living with.

I want to travel the world to raise money for MSRC, as all the information I ever needed to know I found on their website, and I often found comfort and security in their advice.

I want to inspire those suffering with my disability. Those who also felt it was the end of their life.

I want to inspire and comfort those who have been diagnosed and don't know what to do.

I want to do this to help find a cure and to raise worldwide awareness of the disease.

I want to do this for those who are losing the battle, and for those we have lost along the way.

I will do this to show that we can continue our journey through life with love and happiness, without letting MS defeat us.